Future for Children bringing Hope for Palestinian children

The conflict in the Palestinian territories seems to be a never-ending story. There is one group in particular that suffer the most from this conflict, the children. Just by the wave of violence in August 2014, 50,000 Palestinian children lost their home and 450 children lost their lives. Therefore Future for Children wants to provide support to this specific vulnerable group, children.

Spiral of violence

All that pain and sadness leads to despair and deep hatred. Hatred that sustains the spiral of violence. Future for Children, a group of concerned Dutch individuals who want to give these Palestinian children some hope. Hope for a new generation.

A modest start

That may sound pompous. Yet we are not naive. We realize that our help is a like drop in the ocean. But we have seen for ourselves that a small gesture can change something permanently. Therefore we do not want to be passive or cynical. In all simplicity, we make our contribution. Hope may start small…

What we do

Future for children wants to provide school supplies, medical devices and food. In addition, we hope to bring some joy in the area: fun activities.


In Future for Children we are convinced that investing in children is the best route to a better future . These children deserve our support. They have not chosen the war, it happens to them.


At the moment, we examine what projects or activities we can support . Very ‘basic’ and without overhead we want to support this local work financially.

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